Claymore cajun seasoning

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Claymore Cajun Seasoning is your ultimate solution for delivering the perfect amount of spices and flavor to satisfy their Creole desires. This versatile seasoning blend is the ideal choice for enhancing the taste of fish, shrimp, crabs, crawfish, eggs, and virtually anything else that craves a touch of authentic Cajun flair. Say goodbye to subpar creole seasonings; Claymore Cajun Seasoning is here to elevate your offerings. In a generous 12.5 oz container, it's a must-have addition to your inventory. Sold in convenient 6-pack cases, you can easily stock up and meet your customers' demands. Plus, with a remarkable 2-year shelf life, it remains fresh and flavorful for extended periods. Crafted by a veteran-owned American company in Texas, it's the perfect seasoning to bring the spirit of New Orleans to your customers. Whether it's for Halloween, Christmas, holiday candy making, fall, thoughtful gifts, or stocking stuffers, Claymore Cajun Seasoning is the ideal choice.