Abba Zabba

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Abba Zaba is an old-fashioned candy bar consisting of a chewy, stretchy, vanilla flavoured taffy filled with a creamy rich peanut butter center. This pairing of taffy and peanut butter will delightfully surprise you! 

Abba Zaba goes back to the 1920s, definitely a classic treat!  Made by the Annabelle Candy Company in Hayward, California. This candy bar has had its share of fame. It was famously loved by Dave Chapelle in the movie Half Baked. He claimed it as his "only friend".

This nostalgic treat was a longtime favorite snack of young Don Van "Captain Beefheart" Violet. He even named a song after his beloved treat on his 1967 album "Safe As Milk" although he originally wanted to name the album "Abba Zaba", the company would not allow him to use their trademark name. However, Captain Beefheart did manage to have the artwork on the back of his album resemble the black and yellow checkerboard reminiscent of an Abba Zaba wrapper.

Abba Zaba is also mentioned by Tom Waits in his song "Chocolate Jesus". It also appears in the popular show Boardwalk Empire, on the episode called "Erlkonig", Gillian offers her grandson Tommy an Abba Zaba bar.

It has also managed to make its way onto American Dad when Toshi picks up an Abba Zaba bar with his samurai sword and takes a bite. Samurai sword or sticky fingers, whatever you use, this old fashioned candy bar has been enjoyed and loved by generations.