Strawberry Cheesecake Cotton Candy

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  • At only 130 calories per tub, this sweet treat will satisfy any sweet tooth.
  • Real cheesecake is a mixture of soft, fresh cheese, eggs, vanilla and sugar--and we've captured this creamy essence in our Strawberry Cheesecake Cotton Candy. Plus we top it with a healthy serving of strawberry flavored cotton candy on top . Best of all? You will have saved 100's of calories by not eating the real thing. Perfect for themed desserts, fiestas, parties, party favors and occasions.
  • This tub contains 1.2 oz. and is 5.5 inches tall (the size of a 32 oz.container)
  • Cotton candy brings back memories of strolling around a carnival or fair and enjoying a fresh treat. But, it also can be messy when served on a cone. This tub makes it easy to snack on a handful whenever you feel the urge. Just be sure to cover with the lid between snacks.
  • This is the perfect gift for anyone in your life with a sweet tooth of all ages from children to grandparents. We handcraft each flavor in our gourmet cotton candy collection which has over 50 flavors.