Allsorts Licorice

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Some say licorice is an acquired taste and this might be true; however, we do know it’s acquired by those who don’t just give up on the first bite. Their resilience allows them to get acquainted with the root-like flavor to develop a lifelong bond. For the taste buds that are elevated with distinction the deliciousness found within Allsorts candy will come as no surprise.

But for first timers and past naysayers that gravitate towards its beautiful abstract appearance they’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. Not only do these licorice bits look like a party, but they taste like one too. Be sure to give your next event an extra "oomph" when you add three kilograms of licorice taste to the fete. The double dose of fun will be so grand that guests won’t be able to keep their composure. We’re thinking Party of the Year.

Made in England.